A complete guide to writing an effective press release

How to send a press release to journalists

Generally, you should send a press release by email. It’s wise to make your subject line attention-grabbing. Any press release sent by email should be pasted into the email rather than sent as an attachment – this may see your email flagged as spam.

Journalists receive a lot of emails, so you may want to follow up press releases with a call to check they’ve seen it.

Should I supply images with my press release?

If you have photographs to use with your press release, then supply them. If you read the news during the week, you’ll find that many stories appear as just a photograph with caption. It’s a great way to get your message across, and can be quite striking.

Avoid head-and-shoulders shots – think more creatively. Be careful with branding, as shots that have large logos in the background can be a huge turn off. Photos that may be reproduced in black and white also need careful thought to get the tones right.

It’s a good idea to include in your press release, under ‘Note to editors’, that photos are available on request, rather than sending them as an attachment with your press release. Clogging up inboxes won’t win you any friends, and attachments may be flagged as spam.

Always include a caption with photographs. If people are included, state “Left to right…” then list the people in the shot and any further detail that’s relevant (ie where, when, etc).

Written by Debbie Leven of The PR Coach.


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