Free Press Release Templates

In this section, you’ll find press release templates for a variety of use cases. They’re all free to download and fully customizable.

Standard Press Release Template

Standard Press Release

This press release template includes space to accommodate all the necessary aspects of a standard business press release. Insert your company logo, and provide contact information, release date/time instructions, a direct, engaging headline, boilerplate text, a call to action (CTA), and end notation. Of course, make sure that you write in a journalistic style (perhaps following the AP guide, though The Chicago Manual of Style, APA, MLA, and others are acceptable) and include all the pertinent information without overwhelming your audience.

Download Standard Press Release Template

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Event Press Release Template

Event Press Release

Use this template to announce any type of event, be it a film, fashion, restaurant, art, or sports engagement or a grand opening. In addition to the must-have press release elements, this template provides sample copy that you can edit to introduce your event as clearly and concisely as possible. Customize the template by adding your organization’s logo and any other relevant information.

Download Event Press Release Template

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Launch Press Release Template

Launch Press Release

This template can serve as a formal announcement for a product, magazine (or other publication), or book release or a campaign launch. Simply provide the information required for a standard press release, and use the sample copy to write clear, direct information about the forthcoming launch. Since the point of a launch press release is to attract new customers, take extra time to research and understand your target audience when writing it.

Download Launch Press Release Template

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Business News Press Release Template

Business News Press Release

Use this template to deliver a piece of business-oriented news, such as a CEO or other executive appointment, a noteworthy new hire, a strategic partnership, or a merger and acquisition. Edit the sample copy to fit the type of news event you are reporting, and provide more or less background information depending on the complexity of the issue. This template can be used by nonprofits and small businesses, as well. However, remember that your press release should be 1-2 pages maximum, so be succinct.

Download Business News Press Release Template

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Social Media Press Release Template

Social Media Press Release

If you need to create a formal announcement about a social media update, such as a new feature or channel, download this template. The body paragraphs in this type of press release will include background information on the social media outlet, as well as detailed information on the update. If you plan to circulate the press release online, include links to your social media accounts or a new functionality walkthrough. Of course, you can customize the copy as you see fit.

Download Social Media Press Release Template

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Award Press Release Template

Award Press Release

One way to generate buzz about your organization — outside of its products or services — is to report on awards it receives. Use this award press release template to create a news blast about a prize or recognition that a company, department, team, or individual receives for its efforts. Sample copy is included for you to flesh out the particulars of the award, and you can customize the template to suit your needs.

Download Award Press Release Template

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Email Press Release Template

Email Press Release

Increasingly, people receive business news online rather than through print or broadcast outlets. This email press release template provides all the aspects of a standard press release template, but also provides space to include relevant links or embed multimedia. Additionally, note that an email press release is shorter than its print counterpart, as you’ll need to account for screen size (and optimize for mobile). Once you refine the content and language of your email press release, copy and paste directly into the body of your email or your social media management platform.

Download Email Press Release Template

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