How to Write an AP Style Press Release +[Template]

  • Interests – What interests does your ideal audience have? What are their hobbies? What do they read or watch?
  • Values – What is most important to them? Do they want to support local businesses or a specific cause?
  • Trust – Who do your potential customers trust? What businesses do they find credible?
  • Habits – Do they have specific habits, like doing their financial planning once a year or shopping for groceries every Friday?

Define Your Audience Demographics

Now you want to define the demographics of your target audience or customer. By knowing your audience’s age, gender, and even if they have expendable income, you will know what elements might appeal most to them. You can use this information to write your AP style press release so that the media highlight those attractive elements.

Demographic information should include:

  • Age – What is the average age of your ideal audience? What age range would your release appeal to?
  • Gender – What gender is your ideal audience?
  • Income – What income range or average household income does your ideal client fall into?

Combine this information into a profile template to really get to know your audience and make sure your press release speaks to them. For more information on how to outline your audience’s psychographics and demographics, check out our article on creating customer profiles[6], which includes a free template and examples.

Now you’re ready to start assembling content and fleshing out the elements of your AP style press release.

2. Add Release Instructions

To start, add the time when you want your AP style press release to be published or written about. This is positioned in the top right-hand corner of your press release and is in all caps. If your press release is ready to be distributed, you should include the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the top of your press release.

When it is in your press release, it will look like this:

ap style press releaseap style press release
If you want the media to hold onto your press release for a certain period of time, it is called an “embargoed” release. This allows the media to prep for a news story that can be released on a specific day, without announcing your news to the public before you are ready.

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