How to Write an AP Style Press Release +[Template]

If you want to do an embargoed release, use the words “Embargoed for Release” and then add the date and time you want the press release and any related media stories to go live.

When creating an embargoed press release, the release information will look like this:
ap style press release

ap style press release

3. Add Your Contact Information

The contact information needs to include the name, phone number, and email address of the person who can answer questions about the press release content. Add the contact information at the top left-hand of the press release.

Include the following information in this format:

  • Contact Name – Your full name as the primary contact if the media has any questions.
  • Contact Phone Number – Your full phone number with area code, preferably a mobile number that makes it easy to reach you.
  • Contact Email Address – Your work address that’s easily accessible.

4. Write Your Headline

An AP Style press release headline appears at the top and center of your press release as a title. Since the headline is usually the most eye-catching part of your press release, you want to use it to compel people to read your press release. A correctly styled AP headline is between 65 and 80 characters and in 14-point size.

Here are three effective approaches to writing your headline:

Tie Your Headline to a Trending Topic or Current Event

Tying your AP Style press release to something that is already in the news is called “newsjacking.” This is the process of taking a story that is already in the news and anchoring your AP Style press release to it. For example, a recent natural disaster might be a good prompt for a headline that talks about an event you’re promoting to raise money for environmental efforts.

If you can find a news angle that ties back to what you’re announcing, you will generate interest right away by leveraging existing interest in a hot-button topic. This will direct traffic and attention to your news, as well as increase the likelihood of being placed on search engines and in social media.

Make Your Headline Powerful

Use the present tense in your writing as you describe what your organization is currently doing. Ideally, you want to write a headline that is bold, exciting, and encourages some type of action.

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